Imagine a future where...

  • can access any project from anywhere in the world.

  • can minimise your staff numbers and access a global network of rated consultants.

  • ...they can virtually "join" you for a project and access the project as if they are in the office.

  • ...everything is connected seamlessly.

  • Xergy is creating a disruptive platform that will bring complete reputational transparency to the quality, availability and cost effectiveness of the intellectual resource needs of the energy industry

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    It Is All Steve Jobs Fault!

    I blame Steve Jobs.  Can you remember living B.A. (Before Apple).  Everything was……..crap. That’s harsh; everything functioned – just.  You were happy to use a bug riddled Windows…

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    ERP Systems

    ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. Think of all the individual functions that are required to run a company, regardless of size or industry: Finance, Human Resources, Supply…

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    The Gig Economy

    Online talent platforms that connect freelancers with specific work opportunities (gigs) have grown dramatically over the last decade. A growing number of online talent platforms follow the contingent…

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