Why Xergy?

June 21, 2018

Why Xergy?

In a new era for the upstream oil and gas industry Xergy is a disruptive intellectual resource company.

Developed by award-winning industry professionals with an extensive track record in founding and building internationally recognised upstream intellectual resource and management consultancy companies, Xergy will bring to the industry an entirely new commercial and resource connection model.

Xergy via its framework model will enable the industry to connect seamlessly a project need with previous clients’ reviewed solution provider. At the heart of Xergy is Proteus a technology platform and cloud-based resource database which is being developed to provide for a rapid worldwide connection and continuously updated independent verification of the global resource supply chain.

Focussed on delivering to the industry independently verified quality at significantly reduced cost Xergy management are building the company as an infrastructure and asset-light tool in the client’s resource toolbox.

Xergy is simply all about the connection, the quality of the deliverable and the loyalty of its customer and client supply chain. Xergy is not about large numbers of high cost, under-utilised staff in multiple locations. Xergy is not about securing the highest day rate possible for its under-utilised staff or contractor pool.

The Proteus system will provide clients with on/off access to independently verified skill providers who will set the market for the cost of their involvement. Xergy’s business model will be a high volume, low margin supply model which is hardwired to the needs of the client and the needs of the supplier.

  • Clients and suppliers will be able to look to Xergy to determine the market or to set the price for the provision of their service themselves (Informed).
  • In a competitive supply chain, clients may choose to secure the individuals they want at the price they are prepared to accept (Level).
  • In some cases, clients may elect to offer an equity or incentivized upside if suppliers are prepared to work at a lower level of direct cost (Incentivised).

In all cases, complete transparency on the agreed costs will be paramount, with Xergy receiving a nominal transaction fee from both sides. In this way, nothing is hidden and there is never the insinuation of hidden costs or profit.

Xergy will also work with clients to build the internal application software that tailors their engagement with the Proteus/hub to meet their specific requirements. In so doing clients will be able to make informed investment decisions confident that they can directly access a worldwide pool of talent, at a competitive cost and entirely linked to their business model.

As the company develops, it is the intention to add entire services to the product offering with the focus continuing to be on an independently reviewed quality deliverable at an open book agreed cost for the service. Clients will also be able to operate in an asset-light way functioning as an informed buyer of entirely reliable and transparent client and customer feedback data.

To maintain the trust of the suppliers and the clients both sides will be required to sign up to their preparedness to be assessed following the completion of the transaction. In time, this level of openness will expedite a highly efficient and effective supply chain with trust as the foundation of each new transaction.

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