Introduction to Proteus

June 21, 2018

Introduction to Proteus

If you have worked in the Oil and Gas engineering and consultancy industry over the last few years you will have a first-hand experience of all problems associated with operating a business in this space; poor utilisation, high overheads and inefficient working practices. We want to deliver disruption into this consultancy and engineering space and, in turn, deliver cost savings and productivity increases the likes of which the industry has never seen.

  • Imagine a digital platform that allows you to have access to a global network of rated people when you need them without the concern for low utilisation and associated staff overhead staff costs.
  • Imagine a virtual network of multi-disciplined engineers working collaboratively across the globe, ‘on-demand’.
  • Imagine all of your business processes and systems being connected and available 24 hours a day from your office, home, phone or tablet.
  • Imagine being able to quickly and accurately check how every aspect of your business is performing, at any time of the day from anywhere.

This is the vision Xergy has set out to achieve, using our truly innovative Proteus proprietary cloud-based application and associated iOS and Android Apps.

In turn, Xergy intends to eradicate utilisation risk, minimise overheads and maximise operating efficiencies, making the industry more profitable again, and better equipped to withstand the inevitable oil price volatility that will continue to plague the industry.

The global oil and gas industry knows it needs to change, and Xergy has the product to effect this change quickly, efficiently and in a truly innovative fashion. This is why we are confident that Xergy will change the way companies and people work and quickly will become the new way of working.

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