Xergy is creating a disruptive platform that will bring complete reputational transparency to the quality, availability and cost effectiveness of the intellectual resource needs of the energy industry


Through the development of a disruptive technology platform, Xergy will improve how our partner companies connect with talent and manage project deliverables. Building on our extensive experience of the consulting industry we have reflected upon existing business practices and are now developing products and solutions to remove the value eroding parts of the process. Our platform will enable

  • existing knowledge providers to rapidly scale up to meet the changing needs of their client
  • talented individuals to work on projects in the manner they agree with the client at a price point that they determine
  • the supply chain from clients through providers to receive vetted feedback from all parties to the relationship
  • energy companies to progress projects confident that the supply chain can deliver to expectation with reputation and cost as a pillar of any transaction

Fundamentally, Xergy want all parts of the supply chain to realise their maximum potential...

  • ... to be globally accessible
  • ... to collaborate effectively
  • ... to be efficient in design and execution
  • ... to reduce costs

The Xergy Team

James McCallum

Founder & Executive Chairman

James was CEO and co-founder of Senergy an integrated exploration, production and energy services company, which became part of the Lloyd’s Register Group in 2013. Most recently James has put his time and energy into investing in a number of technology startup companies across a number of sectors.

Colin Manson

Founder & CEO

Colin Manson was the CEO and co-founder of international Oil and Gas consultancy Xodus Group Ltd in 2005, which became part of Japanese multi-national Chiyoda in 2013. Colin has been actively involved in the development of the Proteus technology for the last two years.

Charlie Barlow

Founder and CFO

Charlie spent 12 years as a successful Private and Investment Banker for some of the world’s most reputable banks (including Morgan Stanley and HSBC) before establishing his own technology Venture Capital business, Rockfirst Capital, in late 2012. Most recently Charlie has setup and driven a technology company through two rounds of funding and a successful technology build.


Xergy is committed to transform the way the oil and gas consultancy industry operates by introducing bottom line savings that improve efficiency throughout the industry. With new working practices and embracing new technology our systems will become the standard in our future history.

Vision and Values

To be a global company that transforms how the consultancy companies operates across a number of verticals. To provide products for SME’s and beyond that are the “go to” applications when it comes to improving company performance.


Our products will be easy to understand, intuitive and simple to use. We won’t hide behind technology jargon. We will deliver products that do not need industry expert configuration.


We want to build a global team that is excited, driven and passionate about the direction of the company. In return we will provide a culture and a working environment that will inspire and drive people to new heights.

Client Business

We will improve your business performance. Every aspect of our products is aimed at improving all of your business metrics.

The Future

Creating a mobile workforce that is truly global and flexible is one of our key values. New technology that connects consultants seamlessly offers clients new capabilities and reduces their financial risk. This is the future.

Quality Consultants

Creating a database of consultants that is global, rated and easy to navigate. Creating a solution that lets clients access personnel with absolute confidence that they are of the correct standard.

Shareholder Focussed

Keeping our shareholders informed and focussing on maximising investment value are key to our success. Our mission is to improve an entire industry performance – this will start at home.